What to Know When Choosing the Correct T-Shirt Size (Part 1)

While fashion trends come and go, it goes without saying that t-shirts will always be in style. Their versatility elevates them to the position of wardrobe essential, no matter the age, gender, or style preference. They're low-maintenance and excellent staples, meaning they’re great for almost any activity since they also offer a high level of comfort.

The t-shirt is soft, stretchy, and quite comfortable in comparison to many button-down shirts, polos, sweaters, and dress shirts. It can be worn alone or layered underneath an open button-up shirt or sweater for extra warmth. Moreover, it can be produced in a myriad of styles that can be mixed and matched with on a daily basis.

Beyond their style and function, it’s also important that people know the t-shirt size they’d be comfortable with. Read on to discover what you have to know when choosing the correct t-shirt size.

The T-Shirt Considerations

It would be fantastic if t-shirt sizes were consistent, with a medium being the same size everywhere. Regrettably, what is labeled a medium in one retailer may be considered an extra-large in another! Thus, due to the wide variety of size labels, it can be difficult to determine the suitable size t-shirt to wear.

Yes, you will almost definitely be a different size at each store. Perhaps the solution is to try on many different sizes and use your best judgment to see how the shirt looks on you and feels for you. As such, when considering t-shirt fit, keep the following factors in mind:

The Dimension and Fit

A well-fitting tee shirt is neither too tight nor too baggy. If it's too big, it will hang like a box on you, which would be unflattering. You'll come out as haughty and angry if it's too tight.

The Shoulder Seams

Shoulder seams reveal information about a shirt's fit. Seams should reach all the way to the tip of your shoulder. The garment is too big if the sleeves reach your upper arm. The garment is too small if the sleeves do not reach your shoulder.

The Sleeves

Sleeves should be long enough to reach the mid-arm. Longer sleeves will help you appear more proportionate if you are extremely tall.

The Length

If the hem extends past your hips, it will be too small. It should be large enough to cover the circumference of your waist plus a few inches. If it's shorter, it'll look like a crop top when elevated. If it is longer than that, it is considered a dress. When trying on a tee, elevate your arms to see how high it rides.

The Shape and Form

Cheap t-shirts are not only ill-fitting, but they also typically don’t have a decent form or shape. They dangle in the shape of boxes and are rather unsightly. Rather, go for a tee that better fits the contours of your body. Any with a large number of square incisions should be avoided.


The adaptability of the basic t-shirt contributes to its popularity. However, finding a good-fitting t-shirt isn’t as simple! Many t-shirts cling to the incorrect areas, hang like a box, or appear ill-fitting on our bodies in numerous ways. Thus, keep these considerations in mind whenever you walk into a store and shop for your new favorite shirt. They’ll definitely help you look and feel better!

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