4 Factors to Consider to Pick an Excellent T-Shirt

While there is nothing wrong with having the general tees in your closet, it is great to have a couple of high-quality ones to wear for the more special-while-casual occasions. Plus, with our world moving from a formal one to a more casual setting, wearing tees are becoming even more common, even in the business environment.

That being said, thanks to technology, quality tees can easily be made, all with stunning designs that can make you proud.

So, are you ready to pick your quality tees? If so, here are major factors you must consider to pick an excellent t-shirt:

1. Fabrics

The fabric is the first thing you should pay attention to when shopping for your high-quality tees. The material will determine how great your t-shirt will look. The fabric should not only be excellent in its quality, but it should also be soft, lightweight, and stretchy enough to be worn easily. A good fabric will also be able to recover its original shape after washing and drying.

With that in mind, the best fabric for tees is cotton. It's the most common type because it comes in different colors, feels great, and can be worn almost anywhere.

Now, if you are shopping for prints or stripes, other fabrics actually work better. For instance, the best kinds of fabrics for prints are polyester and silk, which are great at stretching. For stripes, you can choose from polyester or rayon.

2. Color

As for the color, this factor is pretty straightforward. Just choose what you like. But, pay attention to the color's tone. You want light shades for the summer and dark ones for the winter, just like the color of your clothes. In general, don't go for color too close to the skin tone, as it might cause people to turn heads to make sure you're actually wearing something. The best color for formal tees is white, and it is sky blue for casual tees. 

3. Style

When it comes to style, there are just a few things to think about before buying a quality t-shirt. First, go for basic styles like solids and stripes. Then, go for prints if you are into them. You can then choose from different patterns, such as henleys, scoop necks, or v-necks. But, make sure to choose what you love and that compliments your figure.

4. Fit

The façade of a t-shirt is how it looks on you. So, it is very important to pick the right sizes when shopping for quality tees. This means that you should have your waist, shoulders, arm, and upper chest sizes properly taken. With that information, you could accurately find out the t-shirt size that will fit you.


Having high-quality tees in your closet is a great idea. It gives you an opportunity to look good in a wide range of situations while still being comfortable. Of course, picking a high-quality tee in the first place can be quite a challenge, especially if you have never done it before. However, if you consider the factors we've shared when picking clothes, you'll be well on your way to picking quality t-shirts you're proud to wear!

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