Reasons You Should Choose Printed T-Shirts Over Plain Shirts

In a world where visual design plays a big role in people's lives, it's important to incorporate it in our daily musings. For that reason, many people opt to use printed t-shirts over plain shirts, but why?

Printed shirts have been around for decades, making a comeback in fashion every year with different prints and designs that will cater to the latest trends. Whether the designs are simple or loud, there's no denying that printed shirts will continue to be a mainstay.

If you're wondering why printed t-shirts are so popular, keep reading. We'll share why you should choose printed shirts over plain shirts. Let's get to it!

Reason #1: It's Much Easier to Wear and Pair

Printed t-shirts are much easier to wear and pair with different outfits. It's simple. Pairing plain shirts requires you to match the colors of the shirt and pants with the colors of the accessories. Oftentimes, you might have to compromise and just wear what you have in your closet rather than mixing up those colors with outfits.

Printed shirts, on the other hand, are less restrictive. You can mix and match your own prints, so you're not required to match your shoes, belt, and accessories with the rest of your outfit.

Reason #2: T-Shirt Quality of Printed T-Shirts

Printed shirts are usually made with better quality fabric compared to plain shirts. Plain shirts are usually made with cheaper fabrics, but that doesn't mean that you can't find quality plain shirts. However, printed shirts will be made with quality fabrics that can resist wrinkling.

Reason #3: They're Easier to Modify and Customize

When you have a plain shirt, you're limited with what you can do with them. You can't add embroidery, patches, and doodles to them. With printed t-shirts, you're not limited to what you can do.

Printed shirts are easier to modify and customize to your liking. You can add patches, change the color of the shirt, or add different designs onto it, making it one of the coolest shirts in your closet.

Reason #4: They Have Several Functions

Printed tees are perfect to wear on casual days. You can pair them with jeans, sweatpants, chinos, or shorts to give your outfits a stylish look. You can also wear them to formal events to enhance your style. You can pair them with blazers, blazers, and classic dress pants to dress them up.

The Bottom Line: Consider Switching Up Your Style with Printed Shirts

Printed shirts have been around for a long time, and they're definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. If you're a plain t-shirt kind of guy, you might want to consider switching up your style with printed shirts. Printed t-shirts might just be what your closet needs. 

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