Is Western Garment Cozier than Indian Wear for Women?

It's tough for females to decide between ethnic and modern Indian attire. The younger demographic of Indian women who are also more exposed to global culture perceive that Western wear is classier and more flexible. There is some discussion on this point because the older demographic thinks otherwise. 

Fashion trends and etiquette is always a matter of opinion. However, as the globe becomes more connected, traditional Indian clothing has become impractical, especially for the younger population. While this is a more modern mindset, that doesn't mean they don't like Indian attire. Their enthusiasm for traditional attire grows as they are exposed to diverse foreign cultures, albeit they only wear it on rare occasions.

Western clothing is more contemporary, more comfortable, and makes women feel more relevant and confident. These qualities are appealing to the modern Indian, as a woman should always dress for herself, comfort, pride, and confidence. 

Both Indian and Western wear is unique and special in their own right, but there are subjective and objective reasons Indian women prefer one over the other. This article simply tackles why women prefer Western clothing more as their daily attire.

1. Western Wear Is More Comfortable

As mentioned above, modern Western wear is more comfortable for women than Indian wear as most of the clothing is tailored and cut for women. They are free to pick the color, fabric, and style. They can mix and match wearing the clothes that they love. 

To add to the comfort, most Western clothing is designed from delicate fabrics like viscose and silk. The younger demographic of women also prefer Western clothing because they can be more sophisticated and classier.

2. Western Clothing Can Be Used for a More Extended Period

With Western clothing, you may effortlessly transition from day to night. You cannot do this as much with Indian clothes because they are made of heavy fabrics. They only look good on a particular occasion or one special day or party.

3. Western Clothing is Extremely Versdatile

Fighting the elements like abrupt weather changes may be difficult with Indian attire. For example, suppose you're wearing a traditional saree to an outdoor wedding, and the weather suddenly turns cold. In that case, you'll have to cover up the beautiful fabric you're wearing.

With Western wear, you can wear a sleeveless shirt with jeans and pair it with a shawl or scarf if it gets a bit chilly. You can also casually put on a jacket without ruining your look.

Besides matching any climate, you can wear Western wear casually or formally. In addition, it allows you to show your personality and distinctive style and give you the courage to wear or mix and match the things you want. Western outfits also come in various sizes, styles, and colors.

4. Western Clothing Is More Sophisticated

Western clothing is more expensive since it is tailored and composed of delicate fabrics. That doesn't mean Indian clothing isn't refined. The most stunning sarees for weddings and special events come in wonderful colors, materials, and embellishments.

The catch is the amount of time you would spend on donning special Indian wear. Compared to Western clothing, you can go classic and sophisticated right away just with the right choice of fabrics and styles.

It is why Western clothing can be worn on any occasion, whether for a casual day, party, or wedding function.

5. The Western Outfits Have a Better Fit and Design

Both Western and Indian wear is made for various sizes and shapes, but there is just more ease with the fit on Western clothing. 

Western clothing is also more fashionable and suitable for the currently trending fashion. It is available in trending prints, colors, designs, and silhouettes. It simply gives you a better and modern look, and even be a trendsetter.


The fact is that both Western clothing and Indian clothing have their individuality, identity, and style. Both the Indian and Western wear are equally good in their way, and it depends on the personal choice and comfort of the woman. 

They can be worn on some special occasions, as it gives you a good look and on some occasions when you want to look more comfortable and relaxed, you can wear Western clothing.

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