All the Different Ways You Can Style Your Graphic Tees

If you are like most people, graphic tees are among your closet staples. You can’t be blamed. Those cool shirts are just so comfy. They also give you the freedom to show off your style by going with prints that reflect who you are. To add icing to the cake, they’re pretty versatile, too. 

Don’t mind anyone who tells you otherwise – graphic tees can take you from day to night, from grocery runs to parties at night. It’s all about what you pair it with and how you style it. So, how do you achieve different looks with your favorite graphic tee? Here are some tips for you: 

Fake a Cropped Look and Pair It with Straight Cut Jeans

Instead of giving your favorite graphic tee the final sentence by cutting it, you can just faux crop by tucking the hem of the shirt into your bra or tying it up. Once you get the look you want with your faux crop top, you can pair it with a straight-leg pair of jeans and layer on some jewelry, and you’re set for the spring or summer. 

Wear It with a Structured Jacket or Blazer

If you’re having a coffee meeting with a potential client or just want to impress your friends and look like you do get things done, you can still sport your favorite graphic tee but throw on an oversized jacket or blazer to add structure to your overall look. You can pair it with jeans or a pair of wide-legged trousers and white sneakers. If it’s an even more important meeting, you could take it all the way and wear your graphic tee with a monochrome power suit. 

Tuck It in Your Wide-Leg Jeans or Chinos

The simplest way to style your graphic tee (and you can’t go wrong with this one) is to tuck it into your wide-legged trousers. Complete the look with your tiny bag, round glasses, and pointed loafers, and you’re good to go. 

Pair It with Your Distressed Shorts

You can’t go more casual than your favorite cotton graphic tees and a pair of distressed denim shorts. Depending on where you’re going, you can simply slip on your go-to sneakers or grunge it up a bit and wear your Doc Martens. Finish the look with a plaid shirt tied around the waist. 

Pair It with a Flouncy Skirt

You might think you could only pair your graphic tee with your denim skirt, but that’s not true. In fact, it would look even more interesting when paired with flowy and delicate skirts. You can tuck it in or tie it up and get that balanced look of edgy and girly. This would look good with sneakers or fisherman sandals. 

Make It Comfier with Bike Shorts

As if the beloved graphic tee is not comfy enough, you can take it to another level by pairing it with ultra-soft and stretchy bike shorts. It’s perfect for warmer weather and for when you just need to run errands while still looking cute. 


As you can see, there are different ways you can wear your graphic tees. From pairing it with power suits to skirts or bike shorts, you can get different looks from your favorite graphic tees. It’s all about what look you want to achieve or what activities you have for that day. 

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