Top 4 Considerations in Making High Quality T-Shirts

T-shirts are closet staples that every person has in their wardrobe. Aside from the comfort, affordability, and versatility of t-shirts, most people adore wearing printed shirts for men and women because of their quality and design.

If you are wondering about the key considerations in creating the perfect t-shirt, here are some factors you should add to your checklist.

1. Measurements

The quality of your t-shirt is always dependent on the measurement of your design. There is no point in creating a super fun t-shirt if it will not fit your body.

The best thing you can do is check your own measurements and create t-shirts that will fit you accordingly. Additionally, you can also ask your customers to measure their bodies so that you can make the perfect t-shirt for them.

Measurement Accuracy

For a t-shirt to look good, it needs to be worn on the body the way it was intended to be worn. For this reason, you must get measurement accuracy.

Shirt Sampling

Creating prototypes of a t-shirt is the best way to go. As a manufacturer, you get to ensure that they are of perfect quality before you produce more. 

2. Fabric

The shirt's fabric can be used to indicate how good the t-shirt is. You can check the quality of the fabric by running your fingers across the t-shirt. If the fabric is stiff and it feels like it has a hard texture, it is likely of high quality. The softer the fabric is, the higher the grade of quality.

Additionally, the fabric should be soft and not itchy. To ensure that you are creating quality t-shirts, go for the high-quality material.

3. Construction Quality

The quality of construction of your t-shirt speaks a lot about how good it will look. The shirt should be sewn well and should not come apart quickly. The stitching should be tight so that the t-shirt will not tear easily. Furthermore, the t-shirt should not have loose threads that can be pulled off. This can be a sign of poor quality.

If you want to create a durable t-shirt, you need to ensure that it is sewn with a high thread count fabric.

4. Finishing

Finishing is one of the important parts of creating a shirt. Different parts of the t-shirt should be finished differently. For example, the shirt's collar should be sewn to the neckband. The cuffs should be hemmed, and the sleeves should have a band of fabric. This will make the t-shirt look very professional.

Additionally, the tag should be sewn on the shirt. Tags are used to identify the shirt, such as the size or brand. You can decide on different types of tags, depending on your preference.

Final Thoughts

If you want to create high-quality t-shirts, use the factors from above as your checklist. Aside from creating the perfect t-shirt design, you must use suitable materials and ensure that the t-shirt is of good quality.

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