4 Fun Ways to Style Your Traditional Skirt

Are you the type of person who is always worried about what to wear? Do you like to wear this item or that one? Are you a style person or more of a comfort person? These are some of the frequent questions asked by many women. So today, I have put together some tips for women who are looking to play up the way they wear skirts.

Skirts are popular in casual settings, such as hanging out with friends or at the mall. Additionally, they may be worn to weddings, special events, and other occasions to create a unique and eye-catching style. An Indian skirt, in particular, can be distinguished by its brocade prints, block prints, or silk material. Skirts may also be worn independently from tops. The skirt can also be combined with any item of clothing.

From crop tops to modern printed t-shirts for women, here are fun ways to wear your Indian skirt:

1. Pair Your Traditional Long Skirt with a Modern Crop Top

This is a great way to wear your long skirt. Whether or not it is an Indian skirt, you can pair it with a crop top to give yourself that boho style. Skirts like this one cover your legs, but they also draw attention to your upper body, which is especially important if you want to show off a big necklace or some cool tattoos. Crop tops are also great for wearing your hair down and off your shoulders. Pair your skirt with a crop top and try out a cool style like this for a new look.

2. Wear Your Skirt with a Kurta

An Indian skirt can be paired with a traditional kurta top for a more traditional look. A kurta is a long shirt normally made from cotton or silk that has buttons from the collar to the waist. To give yourself a more trendy and modern look, try choosing a kurta with a very modern design or one made from a more modern fabric, such as a thin satin or silk. You can also pair your skirt with a kurta for a more traditional look. Just be sure that you have the right length on your skirt!

3. Make Your Ethnic Skirt Look Casual with a Shirt

Your skirt doesn’t have to be worn with a kurta. Pairing it with a simple cotton t-shirt or printed tee is another fun way to wear your skirt. These kinds of tops are modern and cool, and they are perfect for pairing with skirts because they are light, and you can wear them with your hair down.

4. Try Different Styles of Blouses with Your Skirts

Skirts are especially lovely when paired with a button-down blouse. Blouses are versatile and can look great when paired with different skirt styles. You can also choose blouses that have a more casual look, such as striped t-shirts or loose-fitting tops. You can wear loose shirts with your skirts as well. Look for blouses that are especially feminine and that have beautiful long sleeves. Pair your skirt with a long-sleeved blouse for a fun and exciting look.


Whichever way you choose to wear your skirt, I hope that you have a lot of fun with it and enjoy accessorizing it to make it your own. The skirt is a staple in the wardrobe, and it is always popular, which means you will never go wrong with it. Whether you choose to wear it with a printed t-shirt in India or you dress it up with a more formal blouse, you will surely look amazing. 

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