Top 5 Shirts You Can Wear to Style With Men's Blazer

You're not alone if you find it difficult to mix up your wardrobe when a blazer is required at work or a formal event. If you look around, you'll notice that many men wear a standard dress shirt under a jacket daily, which is quite acceptable. 

However, if you want to be one of the few men that stands out, you'll need to be more imaginative and fashionable with your clothing.

Without the formality of a suit jacket, a blazer can make you look smart and put together. If you want to appear good while also feeling comfortable, here are five suggestions for what to wear under a men's jacket and where to buy T-shirts online: 

Well-Made and Tailored Cotton Dress Shirt

Many men purchase dress shirts under the impression that they are all the same, only to end up with stiff, scratchy, or otherwise uncomfortable shirts. 

Finding a well-made men's T-shirt in India that you can wear under a blazer is ideal, especially if the shirt stretches, feels light and comfortable, and does not wrinkle. This is the most formal style, and a tie always goes well (try a bow tie for fun). 

You may also go for a more casual style by leaving the top button undone and wearing a T-shirt underneath. Just make sure it's tucked away. Make sure to look for stylish printed t-shirts in India.

Shirt in Flannel

Don't think that all men's flannel shirts are made of warm cotton, wool, or synthetic fibers like the archetypal lumberjack plaid. That was true when they were first erected to shelter farmers from the weather in seventeenth-century Wales.

Men's flannel shirts are now available in various styles, from lighter, summer-friendly forms to heavier, winter-friendly styles. They also come in solid hues that barely resemble flannel, but the comfort is immediately apparent. Wear it under a jacket with a belt, just like a typical cotton dress shirt.

Corduroy Shirt

While corduroy may not come to mind when thinking of shirts, men's corduroy shirts may be rather stylish when worn alone or under a blazer. This is owing to the stitching intricacies, which make it stand out from a standard dress shirt up close.

And, if you believe corduroy shirts are stiff and warm, think again: the greatest corduroy shirts are constructed of a thinner cloth than you may expect from corduroy. They also have a little stretch, which allows them to move with the body and makes them pretty comfortable.

Polo Shirt

Although a men's polo shirt may not appear to be the most apparent choice for wearing under a blazer, it is a wardrobe staple for many men and can look beautiful dressed up under a blazer and tucked in with a belt. 

Polo shirts are popular because they are often more comfortable, especially in the summer when men want to wear short sleeves but still have the option of throwing on a jacket for an important meeting. Another advantage of polo shirts is that they do not wrinkle as much as traditional dress shirts.

If you're wearing a polo under a jacket, make sure the collar is in good shape and has enough starch so it doesn't seem clumsy.


A good-quality t-shirt might look smart under a jacket unless you're headed to an extra-formal event or business meeting. Whether it's a V-neck or a classic crew-neck t-shirt, check sure it's free of stains and holes and fits properly.

Moreover, don't forget to accessorize your printed t-shirt in India! The appropriate accessories, whether a watch, belt, handkerchief, tie, or a pair of leather shoes, can completely change an ensemble. 


Finally, regardless of the type of shirt you wear under a blazer, make sure the blazer is made of the same material as the shirt you're wearing underneath it. You wouldn't wear a winter blazer with a summery, lightweight shirt, or vice versa. Also, buy quality t-shirts that help you make a statement. 

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