A 7-Point Guide to Picking the Perfect T-Shirt for Women

A basic tee is the very foundation of just about any woman's outfit. Whether you enjoy throwing something super simple or quirky on with a skirt, a pair of pants, or just about anything, it's important to have options in your closet. Getting different T-shirts is the way for just about any lady to go.

However, as important as quantity is, it's best to get quality as well. Here are a couple of tips on how to pick the perfect T-shirts:

1) Know Your Body Type

The first step to picking out something you'll enjoy is knowing your body type. For example, if you're a pear shape, look for a V-neck that's cut higher on the shoulders and an empire waist. If you have a pear shape, opt for a looser fabric like gauze that will drape nicely across your frame. 

2) Think About the Aesthetic

Tees all send a message, so try to think about the aesthetic you're trying to embody and project. If you're into a more rocker look, you might want to get a T-shirt with a band graphic or logo. If you're more conservative, you can opt for something simple with a floral or more feminine design.

3) Pick a Flattering Color

Color is an additional thing to think about when picking out a t-shirt since the hue can really make or break your whole look. As a general rule, it's best to go for colors that are flattering to your skin tone and appearance. Try to avoid colors that may wash you out or overpower you a little bit too much.

4) Look at the Design Styles

The tee’s print is quite important when you're trying to pick out the perfect tee shirt. Women can have their pick of something paler or bolder. Some women prefer small designs or styles that are a little bit more out there. Know your preferences on what the tee would be like and how it'll be worn.

5) Eye the Fitting

In terms of fitting, go for something that fits well and is quite flattering to the features you want to accentuate. Go for a tee that is a bit looser off the body for a more baggy look. If you want to show off a few curves, you can opt for a tee that has a bit of a more structured fit so that it clings better to your body.

6) Try Classic Looks

Plain and classic t-shirts are great for the everyday woman who doesn't want any fuss. You can opt for a graphic tee that's cut from a knit material. It'll have a little bit of a more tailored look that makes it look more sophisticated than other tees.

7) Experiment with Trends

Fun and trendy tees are great for the woman who likes to keep up with the times. These tees are great for layering and creating a different look. You can opt for a tee that's a bit looser so that other different items in your wardrobe can be draped over your body with it.


A tee shirt is the perfect piece of clothing to have. It's the perfect versatile piece that'll pretty much go with anything in your closet. Go for both quality and quantity, especially if you're a woman who tends to wear a lot of tees.

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