Use Your Tee Shirt to Flatter Your Figure: Knot, Tuck & Tie!

There’s no doubt that taking a few extra seconds to pull the hem of your T-shirt into your waistband or tie your tee into a knot instantly makes any outfit look more polished and put together. Going after a chic, effortless look? What about a clean, polished vibe? The best way to get all of that done is learning all about tucking, knotting and tying. 

Read on to learn more about your getting your tee shirt to flatter your figure:

Untucked Tee Shirts

In today's fashions, untucked tees are not as common. That's because it tends to make people's forms shapeless and cuts any chance of helpful dimension off. When a tee is worn untucked, it hangs away from the body. Since the position is anything but flattering, you will end up looking heavier and bigger. Alternatively, it will end up laying across your hips, highlighting the biggest part of your body. 

When it comes to flattering your figure and making shapes, an untucked tee is almost never able to achieve either or both.

Partially Tucked Tee Shirts

Whichever part of your front side you choose to tuck into your pants (either the entire front side or just a couple inches off-center), you are accentuating your figure. This technique is also a simple way to create shape and dimension in your outfit by showing more of your leg and highlighting your waistline. Tucking in a tee shirt really has so much to offer when it comes to flattering figures and shapes, helping to elongate frames.

Knotted or Tied Tee Shirts

Tying a tee is a great way to give an outfit even more shape. Additionally, it brings an extra layer of fun to everything! When a person is in leggings or high waisted jeans, a tied tee makes for an incredible complementary top. This is mostly because the tuck doesn't take as much fabric. Since the tie requires more of the tee all bunched up, the tee shirt gets somewhat shorter. 

Knotting and tying, by the way, are two rather defined ways of getting the gather made.

Knotted Button-Downs

A knot is a necessity in a fabric of any sort, especially when you are dressing for the summer heat. Take a button-down shirt with you on your next beach getaway or trip to the tropics. You can tie a knot in it that will not simply hold the fabric in place but will also give you plenty of room to tie the knot securely so that clothing comes out just right. The look is simple and versatile, and it will always turn heads.

Tied Tee

One of the best ways to bring a sharp suit down a bit is through a tied-up tee. It's also a nice aesthetic twist to any outfit, no matter how plain. A key recommendation is twisting the excess fabric of your shirt tightly before you tie it into a knot for some extra control when you secure the knot. If you have a longer or cropped tee, try wrapping a rubber band around your shirt in a similar way to that of a bun for an even more secure fit.


Tee shirts are a great addition to any outfit, especially with the right styling. It can dress up a look or dress it down. Knotting, tying and tucking helps transform a tee into flattering forms that complement a person's figure.

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